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MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my Dearest Family & Friends~~Happy Holidays! Here’s my little Christmas gift for you all~~XOXO



Baby Jeremiel ~ Happy 100 Days!! Nice to meet you today 🙂 You are sooo cute!! We would like to say “THANK YOU VERY MUCH” to your lovely Daddy & Mommy for ordering the baby collection cookies for your party. We enjoyed making these Fondant cookies for you. We hope that all of your guests like the cookies as much as we do 🙂 Once again…Happy 100 Days! Wish you all the BEST! Stay Happy & Healthy always 🙂 Thank you!!



Happy Birthday Hayden ~ Will be attending your 1st Birthday Party very soon…Can’t Wait…Have baked some cute birthday Butter cookies for you and your family & friends. Hope you will like them and all your guests will like them too.

Happy Birthday Hayden!!

Here are some photos from the party~ It was a lot of Fun! Thank you Hayden & Friends~~

My Dearest Cousin Michael got MARRIED! And he got married to a Lovely & Kawaii girl Mariko! I’m so happy for them ^O^

All family members were invited to their wonderful wedding in Bali on July 27, 2012. Their wedding ceremony took place at an extremely beautiful venue called “Tirtha Chapel Uluwatu”; the place, the chapel, the views there are amazing!! After all the touching moments..sniff sniff…^_^ we went straight to another awesome venue for their wedding banquet, the place is called “Alila Villas Uluwatu – CIRE”. The views from this place is wallpaper-like, extremely beautiful~~~Don’t have words to describe, just Perfect!!

To congratulate them, we made some cookies in Heart shape and imprinted their names and wedding date; we also added some M & M peanut chocolates in each package to signify the couple’s name. We have also baked some chocolate chip cookies to add extra sweetness to the package too!
I hope that Michael & Mariko and all of the relatives and friends liked the cookies we prepared ^o^
Once again, would like to say CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU for bringing us to your wonderful wedding in Bali. We had so much fun and already miss you two soooo much!! We must meet up next year for another trip~~

Congratulations M & M~~LOVE YOU 2~~

Got a recent order from a dear friend Venus wanting to customize some colorful cookies for her dear colleagues to say Good Bye & Thank you~~ After sharing our ideas and discussions, we have come up with a simple design with short yet meaningful messages imprinted on each colorful cookie to express Venus’ thoughts. Hope all of Venus’ colleagues will like this special sweet treats from her~~ The flavor of the cookies is Butter based with Lemon Zest, it has a light taste of Lemon freshness. Hope you all like it~~

Dear Tony & Jenny…Thank you very much!!

It’s Jenny & Tony’s Big Day today on 11.11.11 ~ They will have their wedding banquet soon on this very special date! 11.11.11 has many wonderful meanings in Chinese; 11 has a meaning of Forever & Ever! That’s why a lot of couples are getting married tomorrow in Hong Kong; heard from the news that more than 1000 couples will get married on this meaningful date! So we would like to say Congratulations to Jenny & Tony and THANK YOU VERY MUCH for ordering your Wedding Cookies from us~ Thank you!!!!! Hope you will like the cookies & Hope your guests will like the cookies too!!